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Begins January 23, 2020

Begins January 23, 2020

The Twelve Step is the beginning to your healing! Discover what is causing the chaos and destruction of relationships in your life. It promotes a healthy daily process of decision making- giving you peace, tranquility, and confidence. Discover yourself as you are introduced to Christ and Biblical truths that will save your life. (One Session Commitment)

The Amends Step is truly for us. God works through our amends in mysterious ways. If you have not been through 12 step, I strongly encourage it.
— Ashley Hutchinson

Lifeline is open for anyone to drop in any Thursday night at 6pm (Beginning Feb. 13th). Lifeline offers a connection to a healthy environment with one of our Freedom Ministries Leaders who will care for you with conversation and prayer. Lifeline is related to The Biblical Twelve Step - A Spiritual Journey .


This process will help provide additional understanding, as well as practical tools, for real and permanent freedom from any issue in life. It is a blend of Biblical principles, understanding the brain, and proven recovery strategies. You will experience freedom from self destructive behaviors, as you address the underlying issues that drive them. (Two Session Commitment, prior Biblical Twelve Step and Interview required)

Begins Sept. 3, 2020

I am calmer. And me and my family are all happier.
— Jeff Kohler

GriefShare will help you journey from mourning to joy with a group designed to help you recover from the deep hurt of loss. Your GriefShare experience includes three key elements that work together to guide your healing process. (One Session Commitment. Recommend Biblical 12 Step upon completion)

Begins January 23, 2020

I didn’t think I would ever find peace... But through my GriefShare group, I could accept my son’s death and find peace and blessing.
— Sue Walker

Begins January 23, 2020

DivorceCare will help you move from the devastation of separation and divorce to discovering hope for the future and God's healing. Your DivorceCare experience includes three key elements that work together to guide your healing process. (One Session Commitment. Recommend Biblical 12 Step upon completion)

In order to forgive and move forward, one must make amends for their wrongs and not use their perception of truth to hurt the other person. DivorceCare helped me to see that.
— Ryan Duval


The Conquer Series (A Battle Plan for Purity)

The single greatest tool for helping men break free from unhealthy sexual behaviors that are harmful to their social, family, and spiritual well being. This cinematic teaching series offers proven principles and practical tools to form a battle plan and win against sexual impurity. (One session commitment) 

Begins January 23, 2020

Conquer Series helped me find a pure heart, purity to seek God...
— Greg Mason


Follows the Conquer Series helping men who need a deeper healing from their struggle against sexual impurity. Seven Pillars is devoted to healing men who have a dependence to unhealthy sexual behavior harmful to their social, family, and spiritual wellbeing.  It is setting men free so they can walk in the saving grace of the Lord. (Two Session Commitment)

Begins Sept. 3, 2020

Pure Desire is all about locating God’s grace. The outcome is humility with ourselves, others, primarily with God. We are able to honor God from our place of healing and continue on a path of honesty in all aspects of our lives.
— James Haynes


Healing for broken trust for women whose husbands or boyfriends are struggling with sexual impurity. Women who have committed to this process and worked through the pain and used the material, have become valiant warriors over sexual dependence rather than victims of it. (Two Session Commitment. Biblical 12 Step is recommended prior to this group.)

Begins Sept. 3, 2020

Our group found healing of all sorts from past relationships where betrayal took place...
— Brittny Ramirez

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Biblical 12 Step is recommended prior to this group. Designed to help bring healing to women who have experienced love/sexual addiction and whose behaviors led to destructive lifestyles. Through the Biblical Truths and life competencies, women can rebuild their lives with healing, freedom, and glory to God. (Two Session Commitment)

Begins Sept. 3, 2020


ROMANS 12:2 "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind..."


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