The Huddle 2018.png

Here are some F.A.Q.s

What is the goal of the church? The goal is to make disciples. It always has been.

Why are we discussing a strategic partnership with Summit? Jesus led us to have this conversation. Our ministry strategy has always been to to partner with others because we know that we are better together.

When would this happen? Our plan is to make a YES or NO decision during the first week of January 2019 whether to partner with Summit or not. If the decision is YES, changes would be in phases over many months.

Will I be needed? YES!! Since the goal is to reach people we aren't reaching and to make more disciples than we are currently, even MORE people are needed to be involved currently. Plus, your help in shaping our ministry teams for maximum effectiveness is important.

What would the staff leadership structure be? There will be plenty of leadership that is still local. Some leadership and staff functions will be centralized. The details will be determined as we envision the best way to work together strategically. Craig will continue to be on the team and Brad (from Summit) will be the Lead Pastor.

Would we just become exactly like Summit? No. We both bring our best to the table in order to create a new “us”. This new “us” is just a starting point and will continue to grow and change in order to become better.

How do I engage in the conversation? Pray. Keep the GOAL in mind...we want to make disciples. Talk with your ministry team and other people about how this could help us all make disciples.

What if I have a question? Ask the people you are connected with first. If necessary, submit your question via this website and we will connect you to the best person with whom to discuss it.